The field of study of archival science and auxiliary historical sciences is part of the historical sciences study programme. The auxiliary historical sciences (AHS) themselves belong to the traditional disciplines taught at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University (FP CU) since the beginning of critical study of historical sciences. Like at other universities in the Habsburg monarchy, a separate Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences was set up within the higher education reform in 1784. It operated until 1824, when the teaching of AHS was interrupted. Since its restoration in 1871, AHS have been taught at the University continuously. Professors who taught AHS, and since 1875 were representatives of the renewed department (particularly Joseph Emler and later Václav Vojtíšek), ensured a close link of the department to the archives from the last quarter of the 19th century. Since 1919, a specialised teaching of archival science was carried out at the independent State Archival School, however, in terms of personnel this school was closely associated with the AHS field at Prague University (Gustav Friedrich, AHS professor at the University, was also the director of the State Archival School). In 1948, the subject of archival science and auxiliary historical sciences was established at the philosophical faculties of Czechoslovak universities. Two years later the State Archival School closed down and the teaching was transferred to the FP CU, initially as a seminar and from 1st September, 1964 the Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archival Studies provided the teaching. Study in this field evolves according to the needs of archival practice and the requirements of historical science. Therefore, on one hand it is focused on archival theory and modern methods of processing archival collections, including electronic documents, and on the other hand on the expert scientific work in the AHS area and editorial work in all history from the beginnings of written culture in Central Europe in the 10th century to the present.

In teaching students of archival science and auxiliary historical sciences other teachers cooperate besides those teachers of the department who teach most subjects, such as teachers of historical, linguistic and other departments of the FP CU (Institute of Czech History, Institute of World History, Institute of Economic and Social History, Institute for the Early Historic Period, Institute of Greek and Latin Studies, Language Centre, Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies), and external teachers, especially archivists who teach practical subjects of archival science (National Archives, Department of Archive Administration and Records Service of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic), and experts from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of History, Institute of Art History). The quality of the study is supported by awards given to student works at different levels (especially Česká hlava for the master's thesis, the Jan Palach Award and Šustova Award awarded to Markéta Ručková.  Also the first place in the student works competition with archive or auxiliary sciences subject matter was gained by Pavel Holub, and other students were awarded within the framework of Student Research Expert Activities (SVOČ).

In addition to the specialised teaching of archival science and auxiliary historical sciences as an independent field of study, the department of AHSAS also provides teaching of auxiliary historical sciences based on the needs of historically orientated courses at the faculty (particularly history, musicology).