Conferences and cooperation

Members of the AHSAS department regularly participate in the organisation and content preparation of scientific conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad. Within the framework of the project Pragmatic Written Documents and their Importance for Czech History in the context of a research project, the department organised an international conference Pragmatic Written Documents in the Legal and Administrative Context, Prague 2006. Among the conferences, in whose organisation members of the department regularly work, conferences in a series, Saints and Their Cult in the Middle Ages (the main organiser – the Institute of Christian art history at the Catholic Theological Faculty), Lands Belonging to the Crown in the History of the Czech State (the main organizer – the Czech History Institute of the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University), State and Prospects of Making Medieval and Early Modern Municipal Books Accessible (along with the Faculty of Philosophy at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and Prague City Archives) and inter-field meetings on the history of the 19th century in Pilsen, must be mentioned. In addition, members of the department each year present reports on numerous national and international conferences.