Publishing activities

Members of the AHSAS department seek primarily to compile fundamental monographs and manuals which reflect the current state of research of auxiliary historical sciences and history of administration. So far fundamental work on historical chronology and medieval paleography have been published, monographs on Czech diplomacy and modern paleography are being continuously compiled.
The most important publishing projects of the department also include the series Monumenta Vaticana res gestas Bohemicas illustrantia, providing access to primary sources for the Czech religious, political and cultural history stored in the Vatican archive and Liber vetustissimus Antiquae civitatis Pragensis which represents a scientific edition of the oldest extant municipal book in Bohemia and Moravia.

Lists of Jewish Families and Jewish Familiants in Bohemia in the 18th Century provides access to an important source on the history of Jews in Bohemia and students of the field have contributed significantly to the process (eight parts have been published to date), also Libri civitatis provides access to mainly late medieval and early modern municipal books and the upcoming editorial series Fontes rerum Bohemicarum aetatis novae.

Members of the department have also significantly contributed to the publications of the publishing house Lidové noviny, especially in the editorial series History of Czech, Moravian and Silesian Towns and collective monographs of CMS (Centre for Medieval Studies) Premyslids. Building of the Czech state and Luxemburgs, the editorial series Extensive History of the Lands Belonging to the Czech Crown and The Library of History and Present. They also work on the editorial project of the National Museum of Agriculture and the National Archives Czech Agrarian Historians and Agricultural-forestry Archivists and on the project, Development of Czech Constitutionality 1618-1918. They are also involved in the compiling of domestic and especially foreign encyclopaedias.