Profile subjects

The research of topics mentioned occurs mainly within the framework of the thematic project, Pragmatic Written Documents and their Importance for Czech History which falls within the research plan, Czech Lands in the Middle of Europe in the Past and Today. The main areas of the pragmatic written documents study is the development of writing in the Middle Ages and modern period, the state administration area, church administration in the late Middle Ages, the written documents of municipal environment, the legal status of the Jewish population in the Czech lands in the 16th-18th century, crafts and trades in the Czech lands, historical culture in the Czech lands in the Middle Ages, and pragmatic aspects of written documents as historical sources. The same research plan within the department also addresses the project called the Geography Horizon of a Czech Man in the Early Modern Period. As a part of their scientific capacity members of the department also participate in tasks handled by other historical departments of the FP CU.

The focus of the department is related to other projects and the department deals with these within the framework of grants, especially the project Operational Programme Prague - Adaptability. "Modernisation and Expansion of Degree Programs in the Field of Archival Science and Auxiliary Historical Sciences" focused primarily on the processing of study materials for individual AHS to prepare a new program of study, Public Administration and Records Services; Libri Civitatis (the recipient of the grant is the Faculty of Philosophy at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University) whose aim is to record and make accessible municipal books until 1620, Regional Editions as the Basis of Research into Writing, which is focused primarily on issues of palaeography, Verdict Manuals and Court Record Books of the Appellate Court in Prague from 1548 to 1783, focused on the analysis and critical edition of the important legal sources, the project Radices Silesiae – Silesiacae Radices focused on the study of reminiscence and the genesis of social bonds and identity of Silesia. The members of the department were and are involved in other national and international projects (Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bilateral cooperation between countries in the EU, Volkswagen Stiftung etc.) regarding the administrative history of the Middle Ages and early modern period (Cuius Regio. Analysis of factors determining the coherence within regions and a sense of belonging of their inhabitants –  Institute of Czech history guarantees on the behalf of the Charles University), church history and documents from the Middle Ages ((Päpstlich geprägte Integrationsprozesse in Ost- und Westeuropa (11.-13. Jh.) - Universale Einheit oder vereinheitlichte Vielfalt?), the legal history of the early modern period (Municipal Laws in the Kingdom of Bohemia), and economic history (The Role of Banks in the Process of Aryanisation and Confiscation of Enemy Property in the Years 1939-1945, Aryanisation and Germanisation of Securities as an Instrument for the Suppression of Jewish and Czech Elements in the Economy of Large Businesses in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Sudetenland County, Social and Political Aspects of  the Aryanisation Process in the Czech Lands in 1938-1945), the Czechs and Slovenians in the Modern Era, Agrarismus in Ostmitteleuropa 1880-1960).