Major research themes

The main area of research of the Department of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Archival Studies logically consists of study of auxiliary historical sciences and written sources in the historical Czech lands and in the Czech Republic in the broadest sense. In doing so, the research activity is focused on the written culture in all its production breadth and includes the assumptions and conditions of its existence and its social function. The department’s members main focus is on the official documents and institutions that produce these in its entirety from the beginnings of written culture in the Czech lands until the present day, namely documents and institutions of state and church and local governments, especially documents of the economic and financial nature and history of the relevant institutions. These phenomena are observed mainly in the framework of diplomacy, palaeography and history of administration. Study of other auxiliary sciences is not left behind (codicology, heraldry, genealogy, numismatics, chronology), also the narrative, primarily historiographical sources, sources on the history of mobility, ego-documents from the Middle Ages and early modern period, sources on the history of art etc. An important part of the study of the field mentioned is access to historical sources in specialist editions.